Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gil Bouhnick - Useful Links

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_mobilespoon_small As the Director of Mobile Solutions at ClickSoftware I’m responsible for the mobile applications we develop in terms of product management and technical development.
Since mobility is also my hobby I’ve created a few blogs such as The Mobile Spoon and ClickSoftware’s Mobile Fever. In addition I enjoy guest writing for MobilitySite, FuzeMobility and other sites.
Here are some useful links:

The Mobile Spoon:
Mobile Technologies for the Common People.
Mobile trends, applications, devices reviews, personal thoughts and everything that is interesting in the mobile world... (Visit...)

ClickSoftware's Mobile Fever: The Mobile Fever is all about mobility in the enterprise and field service. In this site I write about our products releases as well as mobile trends, devices and useful tips when entering the mobile world.   (Visit...)     

Simple free tools for Windows Mobile.
An old hobby of mine, simple freewares, over 200,000 downloads so far...           (Visit...)


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